Friday, April 24, 2009

Mrs. Tom Brown

It's really not my intention to have this blog be a repository of odd pictures, or even an exclusively safe haven for boxing women, or, by extension, wrestling women as well, but this image was just too good to resist.

Agnes Brown was the wife of Tom Brown, a classic New Orleans jazz trombonist. She's seen here holding a stuffed alligator in her front yard. That's actually not that unusual in New Orleans- lots of people had stuffed alligators. I think what makes it unusual is the top hat, but it could also be those cute white socks.

I would have liked to have known the Browns, because they seem like funny people.

Another cool image from the Louisiana Digital Library.

1 comment:

EmLit said...

Okay, first, if you look quickly it sort of looks like the window frame in the background is steam coming out of her hat, which gives "stove pipe hat" (or whatever) a new meaning.

Second, cute white sock and MARY JANES!

Third, that alligator is stuff and she is holding it like they just had an epic battle and she won!

Fourth, I wonder if she has any stories about times spent with her 'best mate Wes'?