Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini- tour

I've been playing harmonica since I was fourteen years old. What started as an attempt to imitate Keith Relf's part on the Yardbird's version of "I'm a Man" eventually gave way to a lifetime commitment to the Blues.

Later today I'll leave for Cape Cod on a mini- tour of the Cape and Martha's Vineyard, where I will sing, play harmonica and tell stupid self- deprecating stories. And I'll get paid for it!

Seems incredible, doesn't it?

Thanks to a Cape- based harmonica player named Tall Richard, I'll be making my first foray into the world known as "touring". I'll be "on tour", like those Irish guys who aren't Van Morrison.

Okay, so I'll be back Monday. But in those scant four days, I will have been on tour. Finally.

See you on Tuesday, folks!


EmLit said...

Sounds like fun! I hope it goes well :)

SueWho said...

I wish I could go along, not only to hear the music, but also to hear your self-deprecating stories! They're always funny! Have a blast up there!