Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where You Will See the Zulu King

Okay, well not exactly the King (that would be Jimmie Felder), but at least a genuine New Orleans Zulu!

Yes, as promised- here is our old friend Mr. Freeland- Archer, deep in Zulu drag.

Here's what he had to say:

One (of many) interesting things I noticed in preparation for the parade was that
pretty much all my brothers and sisters in-black-face only made up the "mask" area of the face,
from the chin line to the forehead, I suppose in a not-so-subtle way to say, "under here is my real color."
Given the variety of The Creole Nation, of which we are all a part, the three-toned look was fascinating.
And, oh, those beautiful ladies (not in black-face), harnessed up in peacock displays of Ziegfeld feathers. .
I decided to go all the way black, in case I flipped my wig, which weirded out more than one fellow rider
(not to mention some in the crowd).

Also, the placement of the eye make-up depends on what side of the float you’re on.
If you’re on the “driver” side, it goes over your right eye.
If you’re on the “shotgun” side, put it on the left.
This way, as the ride approaches the viewing stand, all eyes forward are white.

Besides having school Brass Bands between floats, some have DJs on board, as we did (mixing from Sugar Boy to The Ying-Yang Twins).
Between throwing beads and handing our coconuts, I kept my self warm by dancing and singing along (miming Fess’s whistle breaks),
All in my own kreepy karaoke.

Please don't be alarmed, dear readers, it's all what you make of it. It's just the way of New Orleans.

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EmLit said...

At first I was like, "Wait, what?" (in true Littlehales fashion). Then I was like, "Okay. Wow."