Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Future is Now!

Now that we're hours away from 2010, it's clear that every day is a day from the future. There's just something about the designation 2000 and any subsequent years that screams, "FUTURE!" And of course, 2010 screams it way more than 2009. Just wait 'til we get to 2020.

Obviously I'm not talking about the actual future that never gets here without becoming the present and then the past, but the portentous, oft- predicted- H. G. Wellsian FUTURE, the one that is NOW, the one that has Men of Tomorrow living in it, the one with ray guns, anti- gravity belts, personal rockets, shrinking rays, clothes with stiff epaulets on the shoulders and space suits with huge glass helmets. That future.

Will 2010 see the invention of the time machine? Of course it will! Utopian apartment communities with
glass tubes for transportation? Yes! Weather domes that shield an entire city from snow, rain and hurricanes? Yes, yes and YES!!!

Cars that drive themselves, robot servants, and delicious food made from tiny pellets may have to wait until 2011, but how far away is that? Don't forget recreating dinosaurs and turning invisible. I predict that by 2012 we will have achieved every one of these things.

The future is upon us, my friends- let's use it wisely.


SueWho said...

once again, you forgot flying cars. Will flying cars sound like the cars in the Jetson's when they go flying overhead?

Bret Littlehales said...

Kind of a whoosh? I hope so!

Hugh Talman Photography said...


During the 1960's I kept hearing about this harmonica player while I was in bands in DC and even had friends who had met you, David Nicholson, Brint Hannay, maybe. I knew your grandmother, who was a great lady. So Hello. The future is upon us indeed, cyberspace has bridged the past.

Hugh Talman