Monday, July 26, 2010

The Invisible Tree House

An architectural firm in northern Sweden has erected the invisible treehouse, part of a project called the Treehotel.

The cube, designed by Swedish architectural firm tham & videgard, is one part of the treehotel complex. According to project masterminds Kent and Britta Lindvall, there will eventually be six parts, all designed by different architects.

The project hoisted into place.

The architects say that the glass is coated with a material that only birds can see  (much like, I guess, those whistles only dogs can hear) that will prevent them from crashing into the mirrors.

The interior looks pretty cozy and VERY Swedish:

Plus, I guess you can climb the bands around the tree trunk and enjoy the view. It will feature an "incinerating toilet" (hmmm) and electric radiant floor heating. Considering it's situated only forty miles from the edge of the arctic circle, that floor might come in handy.

Would past L by L profilee Buckminster Fuller be pleased?

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SueWho said...

Well, here's your house of the future... But where is the red button? (As in, "Whatever you do, don't push the wed button!")