Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm With The Band

A series of New Orleans- related band pictures, from the Louisiana Digital Library:

Buddy Bolden's Band, with Buddy 2nd from right, standing. I've seen this photograph printed the opposite way as well: no one seems to know which way is correct. Half the instruments are held backwards in both versions.

The Original Creole Orchestra, 1912

Papa Jack Laine when he was still Baby Laine, Alexandria, La.

The Tuxedo Jazz Band

The Tuxedo Jazz Band again with Clarence Williams seated in front

Strekfuss Bros Orchestra w/ Louis Armstrong, third from left and Baby Dodds on drums. This orchestra played smooth music on the Strekfuss Steamboat Line.

Louis Armstrong's Orchestra with the band from the Municipal Boy's Home, where Louis learned to play.

Unidentified Jazz Band

I think this is Joe Oliver's Band, but I lost the ID- oops!

Louis Prima's Band. Prima is on the left

Prima's Band again with Prima in the center. Stacking and centering the instruments seemed to be the thing to do in these pics.

More Armstrong- he had such cool band pics!

Bunk Johnson's Band with Connee Boswell in a rare pic showing her customized wheelchair.


GrayFlannelDwarf said...

Semi-related to the pictures, I don't know if you heard about the new film about Louis Armstrong?

It is a silent film and Wynton Marsalis and members of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra provide the soundtrack.

The film has been touring with the band playing live to accompany the film. It played at the Strathmore in Bethesda a few weekends ago (sadly I missed it).

Anonymous said...

The unknown brass band is Henry Allen's, father of "Red", also visible in the left corner. Cheers