Friday, January 14, 2011

New Orleans Panoramic

New Orleans Panoramic, 1919


The street in the approximate middle running toward the water is Canal  and we're looking toward the Mississippi River, visible on the horizon.

Storyville, although closed by 1919, still physically existed and can be seen on the left, near the Regency Shoes' smokestack. The railroad was still there in 1919, on Basin Street. Tom Anderson's Saloon can be seen on the corner of Basin and Iberville.

Most of the French Quarter is obscured by the large white building at the middle left. Maison Blanche's sign can be seen in the background through the building.

Oddly enough, New Orleans still looks a lot like this.

This image is from the Library of Congress collection, and was photographed by George Prince.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously this will be a huge show of my ignorance, but wasn't Storyville a section of the city? How could it just be closed?