Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Freddie Scott

Freddie Scott (April 24, 1933 - June 4, 2007), recorded a landmark single with producer/ songwriter Bert Berns called "Are You Lonely for Me Baby?" on Berns' Shout label. One of the great soul performances of all times, the tune was covered by others, including Chuck Jackson, but no one ever nailed it quite like Freddie.

Also on the same album, the Best of Freddie Scott (Columbia/Legacy, CK 65241), is his version of "Cry to Me", another Berns song, which I first heard by Solomon Burke.

One night I was driving home from my weekly Zoo Bar gig, and Freddie's version of "Cry to Me" came on the radio. Now, as everyone knows, it's much cooler to hear something you love on the radio than on a CD or your Ipod when you're driving. It plugs you back into the cosmic forces of the universe for one thing and for another, it can really help your drive.

I'm a big fan of King Solomon, but I have to say, Freddie's take was so deep, so in the late- night-driving- home- from- your- gig groove that I had to stop the car to listen. I was driving through Rock Creek Park at that moment, and a herd of deer leisurely walked up to the car, obviously Freddie Scott fans.

Happy Birthday, Freddie!

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