Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Midnight Gardens

Forty years ago I graduated from St. Albans School in Washington DC by the skin of my teeth. Every school day was a terrifying effort for me and had it not been for my good friends and some compassionate teachers I never would have gotten through it.

This weekend marks the 40th reunion of my class, which I probably won't attend for many good reasons.

One of the really fine aspects of the school was its grounds, especially a walled- off but not inaccessible area called the Bishop's Garden. You walked through a door in the wall and suddenly you were very far away from the perils of the school.

I've gone back hundreds of times, to meditate, cogitate, romance and generally leave behind whatever baggage I'm carrying.

Last year I decided to photograph there after dark, using long exposures and my digital Canon 5D. Above are some of the results. I'm going to resume the project this week now that the weather is warming up (not today though- it's raining). Keep tuned to this space, or my professional website,


EmLit said...

I love these pictures. The exposure makes them look like a strange, altered, and slightly haunted daylight. I bet prints would be lovely...*hint* *hint*

Binx said...

Woah! Those are incredible! The third one in particular, but the second really has that "haunted daylight" that Emilie mentioned, I think.