Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Delores Del Rio

Slim Aaron's photograph of one of the most beautiful women in movies, the delicious Delores Del Rio. Born María de los Dolores Asúnsolo López-Negrete, she made many pictures in Hollywood. After her Hollywood career cooled off, she moved back to Mexico and at the age of 37 established herself as a top star in her native country.

She began to work in Mexico and Hollywood, and even made a movie with Elvis Presley. She died rich and famous In Newport Beach, California on April 11th, 1983.

I just couldn't resist this picture, a beauty in so many ways. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Photograph © Slim Aarons


SueWho said...

She is really beautiful but her lack of muscle tone makes her body look kind of odd to me. I guess our perception of beauty has changed somewhat through the generations.

EmLit said...

She's pretty gorgeous, but I'm not sure about the practicality of her apparel!