Monday, July 27, 2009

Life During Wartime

From the Shorpy Collection:
April 1943. Washington, D.C. "Girl sitting alone in the Sea Grill waiting for a pickup. 'I come in here pretty often, sometimes alone, mostly with another girl, we drink beer, and talk, and of course we keep our eyes open -- you'd be surprised at how often nice lonesome soldiers ask Sue, the waitress, to introduce them to us.' " Medium-format nitrate negative by Esther Bubley for the OWI.

Even as we witness the disappearance of well- lit, well- composed and well- intentioned photography from our daily lives, we can be reminded how beautiful and profound an impression a great picture can make.

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SueWho said...

I miss the magazines from our childhood, e.g., Life and Look magazines. They were always a treat to just leaf through - I rarely read anything in them.