Friday, September 24, 2010

Only in New Orleans, # 1,000,006

From the Louisiana Digital Library:

"View made on Mardi Gras Day, that shows a large, cross-dressed man cavorting on the median in front of the Katz and Besthoff pharmacy at 841 Canal Street at the corner of Dauphine in the Central Business District. The Maison Blanche building at 901 Canal Street is partially visible at left. A streetcar heading towards the cemeteries, is passing the K&B building. A number of pedestrians are visible and, at left, there is a photographer looking into the viewfinder of a Brownie-style box camera. The cross-dressed man wears a mask and wig and is attired as a very young girl wearing an oversized, knee-length dress. Floral bracelets, worn at each elbow, and workman's gloves complete the ensemble. See also 2003.182.162
Date 1919-03-04"

Not to mention a large pair  of shoes.

Photograph by  John Tibule Mendes, 1888-1965


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Bret Littlehales said...

Hmmm. Even though this is is spam, I'm going to leave it in a little longer in the ... what? Spirit of things? I kind of dig it.

It will be gone in January.

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