Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weegee the Famous (redux)

I couldn't resist sharing this photograph of Weegee. It's by Richard Sadler and I found it at the Hot Parade Blog.

© Richard Sadler

As you can see, Weegee is using the Zenit 3M, a Russian camera. Today the  Zenit 3M is worth about $150.00, according to this website-

Why is Weegee using a Zenit? Is it a joke, or a statement on the Cold War?  The photograph was made in 1964, so if the old Maestro is trying to tell us something, he's picked the right era.

Or maybe he just liked it. After all, Leicas were expensive even back then.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am Richard Sadler FRPS who "shot' Weegee my great friend { hero} in Coventry England in the 1960's. I can answer your questions re the Cold war and cameras like the Zenith. I am a Nikon. Rollieflex fan myself.

Bret Littlehales said...

What a treat to hear from Richard Sadler- thank you so much! I hope you don't mind my republishing your terrific picture.

Richard Sadler MA. FRPS said...

Owen & Owen in Coventry asked me to look after Weegee who was helping promote the sales of Russian cameras in the UK. which they had agreed to sell in their store. A store window with a display of the cameras and the current success of Russian space exploration including Weegee "s famous "space monkey
image and his other work was on display. The idea was that Weegee would take pictures in Coventry which would be similarly distorted and displayed during his stay. We became close friends and his famous Coventry image "Lady on a Geegee by Weegee" of the statue of Lady Godivia"became his famous coventry image. ..Richard Sadler.

Unknown said...

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