Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Strange Case For Art: Chester Gould

Right- so fat men be warned! These wise words from Chester Gould's protagonist Dick Tracy introduce a series of somewhat random panels culled from Dick Tracy dailies by Dr. Chris Mullen, the curator/ creator of an excellent blog, The Visual Telling of Stories.

Gould (November 20, 1900 – May 11, 1985) created Dick Tracy in 1931 for The Chicago Tribune. According to his Wikipedia site, he created the plots as he drew the strips. The result was a surreal view of law enforcement, populated by strange- looking villains and improbable situations.

One of my all- time favorite Gould creations was the spaceship powered by magnetism. It's inventor, Diet Smith, always cautioned the reader, "The nation that controls magnetism rules the world!"

Simpler times, gentle reader- simpler times.

A pig hit by a car


One of those steam cabinets that reduces everything but your head

The legendary cut- away view

I ask myself this question all the time

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