Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hooray for John Goodman

Goodman laughing like Luthor at Superman

I just watched a recent David Letterman clip featuring John Goodman. In a very short period of time he invoked Lex Luthor, Sluggo and then said he'd quit drinking.

Goodman pointing to where Sluggo's little dots would have been

Well, alright, John Goodman. Three great things in a row from a cat I've always dug.

I met John Goodman years ago at Jazz Fest, back in 1989. I went up to him and said, "Hey man, great work- thanks!." He grunted and lumbered on.


EmLit said...

Hooray, indeed! I've always loved John Goodman, too. And I think we still have one of those Jazz Fest 1989 t-shirts around somewhere. Maybe more than one!

SueWho said...

I was at Jazz Fest in '89 but I didn't get to meet John Goodman. In fact, I didn't get to meet anybody! But I still had a lot of fun.

Bret Littlehales said...

Yes, I remember you at Jazz Fest... aren't you my wife?

charlotte said...

Yeah, I remember that, too. Well, the t-shirts, at least. I think i also remember us girlies staying at Nana's, but I might have invented that memory.

SueWho said...

okay, I just looked at that picture of John Goodman, and I think he looks a lot like that guy from the horror movies that they used to make a hallowe'en mask of... I think his name was Tor Johnson or something. Someone help me!