Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dorothy Lamour

Dorothy Lamour, born in New Orleans on this date in 1914, and died September 22nd, 1996. It's not like I have the same fixations for Dorothy as I do for, say, Veronica Lake, however
1. she was born in New Orleans
2. my granddaughter's name is Dorothy, as is my grandmother's
3. I found this great comic book cover with very early art by Wally Wood inside at Golden Age Comic Book Stories.
4. she's in those terrific "Road" pictures made back when Bob Hope was actually funny and
5. I also found a strange video with the above- mentioned Veronica Lake:

So here's to you, Dorothy Lamour- happy birthday!


SueWho said...

Wow - she was a hottie! Unfortunately, my crap computer at work doesn't have audio with the video so I didn't get the song that went with the dance.

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