Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big Picture in Japan

Last night, as my wife and I watched the mind- numbing videos of the destruction of Japan that seem to flow endlessly from CNN, I saw a devastatingly quiet series of still pictures showing people in a shelter looking at the lists posted of the missing, the found, the dead and the living.

And I thought, because I'm a photographer, this is incredible- I could actually take it in- moments, full of humanity, that told me more than the endless repetition of the same awful scenes, where one is shown everything and ultimately nothing.

So, if you are frustrated by the network coverage, and really want to see what's going on in a way that actually communicates what life is like in Japan at this time, please go to The Big Picture.

Incredible pictures, communicating tragedy, frustration, destruction of a way of life and also hope and the resilience of a nation.

A sampling of the photographs published by the Boston Globe on The Big Picture

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Atcher-Freeland said...

Remember the SuperDome!