Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Tragedy in Japan

Japan's Coastline February 27th, NASA Satellite Image

Japan's Coastline March 11, After the Tsunamai, NASA Satellite Image

The Japanese have a remarkable relationship with the physicality of their country. Their resilience in the face of physical disaster, whether man- made or natural, should be a model of behavior to all of us in the rest of the world.

In the wake of the earthquake and subsequent tidal wave that have killed over a thousand people, the images pouring from the tiny country have been overwhelming. Finally phone cameras are being used for something more than catching fatuous worthless celebrities partaking in fatuous stupid behavior.

Let us give our support to the people of Japan in whatever form we can, whether it's prayer, thoughts, aid or money. Let's keep them in our thoughts as they try to cope with this terrible disaster. Let us hope that the leaders of Japan handle this with much more intelligence and diligence than Washington did when Hurricane Katrina struck. No doubt they will.

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Sir Wilhelm Archer said...

We helped them rebuild after we dropped the "big one" on them sixty-five years ago and we can do it again... oops, we're still busy cleaning up the one we dropped in the middle east. Maybe China will step up and make amends for "The Rape of Nanking."